You’ve arrived on the threshold…

 …of the Rosehip Business rooms of Wisteria & Sunshine. If you have your own small business and are seeking support for a Wild Simplicity approach to tending it and yourself, you are warmly encouraged to join us.

Here is the story of how Rosehip Business came into being…

Perhaps you are a woman, coming through the briars (or beginning to see and feel the thorns) of modern solopreneurship and wanting to find a more pleasant path?

After many years online, as a woman and a creative solopreneur, I’ve learned how helpful and rare it is to find a place, a gathering that supports simplicity…intuition…naturalness…especially in business. I’ve been “holding space” for this at Wisteria & Sunshine since 2012 and have now opened new rooms there, to explore it all in regards to our own dear businesses.

Rosehip Business is a peaceful refuge, supportive in its offerings and potential for conversation, with lots of room and space for it to become the place you may have been looking for, if you are putting your heartfelt creative work out into the world & trying to do so in natural, genuine, earth-thoughtful ways.

Some recent posts…

What is it like there?

If you knew me for very long at all, you would soon find out that I don’t look far, far ahead and craft detailed plans for posting or my life. I like to look a little way ahead and mostly feel my way forward, paying attention to my surroundings, my body, the moon, my dreams and my current reality (including the world at large). My strengths are not to promise answers or outcomes, but to both provide a place as rich in beauty and comfort and wisdom as I can gather, and to share my own journey transparently and honestly.

As women find Rosehip Business, and it evolves as all creations do, my hope is that it will be the quiet, supportive refuge you are seeking in a noisy world. What you find here now are the roots of what I’ve envisioned…we will see what shoots and branches continue to appear.

what you will find when you enter in…

-At least one new post each week (probably on Fridays, to weave in with my long-established W&S rhythm) with conversation in the comments about that particular topic

– Forums for the conversations that spring from your own hearts and minds (these are lovely, simple containers for sharing…definitely not a Facebook group)

– Business journals (a facet of the forums) for getting your thoughts and hopes and visions down in words

– Resources to inspire and support a Wild Simplicity approach to business, but as they are few and far between, these pages and lists will grow only slowly

-A new quote and banner every month, probably associated with our monthly focus (which will itself be a business/creativity-slanted version of the W&S focus), calendar and planning pages

-Group projects as the need/desire for them arises (these could include seasonal and yearly planning and reflection, book-keeping and other tending, online retreats…)

Rosehips are the fruit of a rose’s long growth. Its seeds are full of nourishment. They signify potential and wisdom. Our businesses, and ourselves in the tending of them, can also ripen and flourish as a rose does…with care and understanding, time and breathing space. The rooms and gardens of Rosehip Business have been created to nurture this and are only awaiting your presence…you and the tender heart and hopes you have for yourself and your creative business.

Signup links are at the bottom on this page.

By the way, membership in Rosehip Business includes membership to Wisteria & Sunshine…because life and work…they are deeply intertwined, aren’t they?