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    Thank you, dear Lesley. xo I just couldn’t resist a post. And thank you, Mel, for your enthusiastic response. I will now wait. Am truly looking forward to being back here, tho.

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    We aren’t really up and running again, mel…I just asked Dori to try logging in. : ) I am waiting to hear back from my tech help about something I want for both of our spaces. If it can work, we’ll be back soon with a new addition. If it can’t work, we’ll be back soon as we were. xo

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    Dori!!! What a delight is was to find the notification for this in my inbox! I hadn’t realized we were up and running again.

    More of a delight is to read your update….I’m glad that your Chris is home and while I definitely understand your reservations about the Branson-mobile, I imagine what a deeply fulfilling experience it must have been for…[Read more]

  • dori replied to the topic Dori's Teatime Journal in the forum journals 1 year, 2 months ago

    Well, look at that! My last post here was on July 21, 2017 exactly 4 years ago today. Reading through my posts, including that last one, I can say I did everything on that last little ‘to-do’ list, perhaps not as quickly and efficiently as I might have hoped, but completed they were. I changed my business name to Joyful Alchemy and the change was…[Read more]

  • lesley wrote a new post, consistency, on the site Rosehip Business 3 years ago

    “Consistency isn’t just about how often you post and sticking to a set schedule; it’s way more about how you show up with your content and how you make your community feel when they engage with the ideas you sha […]

    • Julie replied 3 years ago

      It seems to me that she is using the word consistency as another way to describe authenticity. For those of us who want to have an online presence, a personality that shines through everything we share, it is vital that we remain true to ourselves. There is such pressure to create a perfect persona but we can’t keep that up indefinitely. And it’s exhausting to try.

  • I splurged this week and finished my not-really-a-retreat-after-all in Williamsburg in a cozy room with a canopy bed and Lesley-sized bathtub right in the room. The extra sweetness of it is that my room […]

  • …I would like to begin again here…in a much smaller, but more intimate and helpful way. Yesterday, I began a small biz retreat, spending most of my time upstairs in my sons’ rooms. So far, I’ve let go of […]

    • I’m so happy to have Rosehip Business back. I feel I’ve made good progress in fitting my little business more simply into my life and in aligning it more closely with Mama Earth’s seasons and needs, but it would be so lovely to have the encouragement of others to help me stay the course.

      • i second that Dori. it is not usual to have a business that flexes and bends with seasons, with our lives, it seems and yet that is exactly what i desire to accomplish. i’m very much looking forward to a thoughtful and contemplative approach. happy planning, gleaning, moodling Lesley 🙂

        • And you, Lauren…is it mostly trying to have more seasons in your business that align with the earth’s seasons? Please share any desires as I wait for things to fall into place.

      • Let me know if you can hone in on what you are particularly looking for, Dori? It hasn’t come to me yet what I myself most want and need, except some tending rhythms and containers for my biz.

        Everything is coming very slowly so far…

    • My business has been on the back burner for awhile but I’m very ready to start focusing on it again and making it fit into this stage of my life.

      One of my goals is to stop fighting the natural ebbs and flows of my business year…it’s going to be busy when it wants to be and I need to respect that and work around it.

      Wishing us all a year of contentment.

      • I so understand, Julie. It’s clear to me after this November and early December that I haven’t been respecting all that my business calls for during this time. Going forward, I won’t call for my energies elsewhere, as in Christmas preparations and such. How to weave those preparations in in other ways will be the challenge!

        Contentment. Ahhh…

    • I closed my Etsy shop. We still have our main business, but I don’t have anything of my own at the moment. My oldest just turned 17, and I feel like I need to focus on home and enjoying these years together with my kids. I have pages of ideas for content that I could create for a blog, but I’m not able to pursue it right now with my chronic fatigue and headaches.

      • What a healthy and good decision, Marisa. Family and health have got to come first if they can. I hope you can truly relax and focus on healing and loving. xo

  • I didn’t see this coming, but it came none-the-less, very quickly several days ago…Rosehip Business will be in abeyance for the next while…at least until the New Year. I’ve tried to bring it to life in the […]

  • Hello from the studio where the printer whirrs and I take a breather from making and sending out newsletters and messages! The details of being in business online are many and my strongest desire for Rosehip […]

    • Oh, Lesley, I love the idea of all those pages! The moon phase page is soooooo appealing to me, and made me smile quite broadly. From now (harvest time) through November (show time) and into early-December (website peak sales) the pace will just steadily pick up for me until it becomes a buzz of constant activity. Anything to help me organize and keep on course will be most welcome. And I really want to be more aware of my thoughts and feelings about my business, and record them to look back on next year. Thank you!

  • This is not the post I intended to write, but all that is possible after several days of symptoms that keep distracting and draining me. I’ve visited the doctor, we are running some tests, but it is probably […]

  • changed their profile picture 5 years, 2 months ago

  • …oh, how I would love to say that everything in my business and life fell into place and was filled with clarity and energy over my break…but that would be fantasy. I did rest much, and I didn’t think much […]

    • I really relate to this!
      I’m not in menopause, but my cycles cause my life to be put on hold due to the migraines I get. I enjoy small bursts of progress, then an abrupt halt or even regression. Regression turning into apathy because of the discouragement I feel after having pain for so long.

      I don’t even remember my ‘one word’ for the year. I might need to go back and look at FB or my blog to see what is was, haha. Devotion is a good one though.

      I’ll write more on my Rosehip journal.

  • dori replied to the topic Dori's Teatime Journal in the forum journals 5 years, 2 months ago

    I must confess, I have yet to write the newsletter or update my website. I’ve been so busy with the needs of my soon-to-move parents, and things about the homestead here.

    On the bright side, I have harvested lavender, first cuttings of lemon verbena and cat mint, have more nettle in the dryer, and am picking calendula blossoms daily. I would…[Read more]

  • Summer is deeply here now, and so is my annual break from posting here, there and everywhere. I’ll be spending the rest of today leaving messages in all of my places, so that I can truly let go and leave them be […]

    • Wishing you plenty of peaceful moments during the work and planning I know you will be doing. I’ve had such a busy week here with work and family, but have 3 days this coming week before Chris is home for a long weekend. I will be asking my family and a few friends to leave me alone unless there is an emergency. I can hardly wait; I’m in desperate need of some summer ease and work planning time.

  • …and trying not to look behind, to where I was a week ago…except with gratitude. When, honestly, I am wishing I was there again! Can we ever get enough of solitude and spaciousness, in our minds and our […]

    • I very much like the idea of having a different business focus each month. 🙂 Other possible areas we could focus on are: clarifying our message (speaking our truths), resources, organizing, budgeting, $ and taxes and record keeping (sigh……)

    • i love the idea of leaning into how the rhythms of seasons and moons can impact the seasons and phases of our businesses. i have a few resources for this but none seems, ugh, simple.

    • Leaning into the rhythms of the seasons, is what I’ve been trying to do with my business this year. Being that my business is more and more herb/garden inspired, it’s a little easier with my products. It’s fitting the nitty gritty necessary bits of business into a more flowing rhythm which is proving more challenging. I’m wondering if embracing the rhythm of the moon may bring a better plan for those must do and less enjoyable bits; do the dreaming/musing/planning during the new moon time, and the action items around the full moon. Thinking about this a great deal recently. : ) (Of course, money items can’t necessarily wait for the full moon. I don’t think my banks would understand….)

  • About to sink properly into my new moon biz retreat. It began last night, but I was mostly settling into the spaces of my Doug’s folks empty-and-for-sale house. This morning, I’ve been drawing names for the […]

  • dori replied to the topic Lesley's biz diary… in the forum journals 5 years, 3 months ago

    That is a great deal of change to take in, Lesley dear. I am unhappy to hear of Merchants Square maybe being sold, and the drone…a drone over Colonial Williamsburg! I hope that will not become a regular occurrence.

    Yes, so many platforms. I’ve got to figure out which work best. I’ve got to think our readers, members, customers, all feel just…[Read more]

  • dori replied to the topic Dori's Teatime Journal in the forum journals 5 years, 3 months ago

    For the most part Chris is settling into life in Mohave and his voice sounds much more chipper. His job is interesting to him, and his work comrades pleasant. Later this month, he’ll move his clothing and few possessions into a room he will rent from a fellow engineer. Will be so good for him to be out of his dreary little hotel room.

    The corgis…[Read more]

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