Here are my simple notes (from this article) with the feelings and qualities associated with each moon phase and how they might help you to find a natural flow with the rhythm of your business tasks . I’ve been using this often lately, in my planning-time.

full-moon-bannerFull Moon

creative, inspired, nurturing, productive

  • create new things
  • write blog posts
  • complete what you dreamt up

waning-moon-bannerWaning Moon

desire to clear

  • banish clutter of all kinds
  • complete to-dos
  • clear for new moon

new-moon-bannerNew Moon

introspective, introverted

  • rest, dream
  • create, vision
  • set intentions & goals
  • gather with women

waxing-moon-bannerWaxing Moon

more engaged, prepare and order

  • put in place plans & structures to support intentions
  • update, schedule, delegate
  • communicate
  • plant seeds