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    Words have been so hard to pin down lately, so blog posts and sharings of all sorts are rare. But I heard something yesterday that sort of explained something to me that is helping me to accept it. Finally discovered an elder woman discussing business. I’ve been looking for this for months now, searching Podcasts on iTunes with all sorts of combinations of words and coming up with nothing. Yesterday, I put in “wise woman business” after “crone business” brought no results. The first listing was for Kaya Singer, Business the Wise Woman Way.

    I listened to her last podcast first, an interview with Kaya herself. In the recording, she mentioned that our businesses go through the same seasons we do as women…maiden, mother, crone (or rosehip). And when I heard that, so much fell into place. Just as my health, my days, and me, myself and I have felt…uncertain, mysterious, perplexing, and unrooted for the past few years, so have my businesses. But now I see that we are all in transition, and not an easy one.

    And I realize that I am on the right path to supporting myself and my businesses as we move through this season (who knows how long it will last? Not I.) by simplifying Everything, deepening with Everything left, getting more and more Real with it all. It is making it so much easier to stop looking for answers and approaches outside of myself. Tho’ I did order Kaya’s book. : )

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    a wonderful realization, Lesley! i do agree that simplifying is the best first step. i’m currently experiencing something that is making me do just that. it’s not a pleasant circumstance in the slightest, but i’m trying to view it through the lens of gratitude because it’s forcing me to figure out what is the most important to me – right now, in this season. xoxo


    We are all transitioning, it seems. Such is life..and nature…and seasons. And I agree, paring away that which doesn’t serve, and deepening into what remains, feels exactly right. Easier said than done, to be sure, though.

    I love the title of Kaya’s book…..Wiser and Wilder. When I fill orders today, I’ll listen to her podcast. xo


    Lesley, what have you thought of Kaya’s book? Have you had a chance to get through it yet? I would love if you shared a bit more about it.


    I am slowly reading it, Peggy, and making some notes. As with most books, it has almost *too much* information in it. : ) As I read a bit more, I’ll see how I might share it here, if it might be worthwhile to read in community.


    Menopause…spring fever…spring allergies…the ordinary moods and seasons of our hearts and minds…I don’t know what the cause, but I am certainly not finding this past month or two a settled one. One minute I am sitting with hands cupped as in the quote in our banner, knowing it is absolutely all that is required. The next, I am opening my laptop to hire a coach. Only Kaya tempts me, but until I know better what I want, I am waiting and just reading around her book and website. The three stages of business that she has links to on the first page are helpful for pondering. I’ve linked to it in our Inspiration and Resources page.

    I’ve been sifting through all of my thoughts and ideas and gleanings, at least, I was until a month or so ago. Now it all sits, awaiting my desire and motivation. Devotion, my word for the year, is still the word I need, but I also know that devotion can’t be forced. So I will continue to clear and sit and receive. In fact, I am off now to sit under the aged peach tree while the blossoms are still there to enjoy. xo


    Perhaps it’s something in the air….:)

    I’m doing a lot of sifting and sorting too, these days — the pendulum swinging wildly between wanting to ‘retire from public life’ to investing in coaching and setting definite plans/goals/intentions. I sometimes feel as if I’m having the same discussions with myself, over and over again. *sigh*

    I hope you enjoyed your sit under the peach tree….that’s very good medicine, i’d say. xoxoxo


    My peach tree time was so lovely, mel. And good to have had it for my dreamy time may be over for awhile. We just learned this morning that Doug’s work of seventeen years is coming to an abrupt end. Colonial Williamsburg is ending the balladeer/music program in the taverns, bringing in more “entertainment” according to “guidance” from their new big city consultants.

    I’ve only known for an hour…we don’t know how soon his income will stop…I am swinging between philosophical acceptance and grief and worry and optimism. Mostly feeling weary to have to somehow move into figuring out/analytical mode when I am not ready. Not that I will leave all the rest behind, but there will be so much to consider, perhaps for the long haul. And already our emotional/relational buttons are being pushed. Ahh…and I just remembered that I booked our 30th wedding anniversary trip yesterday…….may have to rethink that.

    I’ll be holding the idea of hiring Kaya as a coach for a bit today. It looks as tho’ I will *need* to bring in more income sooner rather than later, and don’t know if I can motivate myself. Nor is money or a feeling of lack the place I want to be necessarily motivating from. Tho’ that is what started me on this creative business path in the first place, come to think of it.


    OH dear, Lesley so sorry to hear this news. This must feel worrisome to Doug after so long at one place. Hope any transitions go smoothly for you both.


    oh, my – Lesley! horrid, horrid news!

    i know what you mean about money/lack being the point of motivation — i have a strong feeling that much of what holds me back is because i’m coming from that place, instead of a place of Overflow. i think it’s the source of much of my self-sabotage and ‘failure to thrive’.

    ’tis a muddlesome thing.

    holding you in my heart…xoxo


    I am still so shocked at the news of the balladeer program being discontinued! The consultants can’t be suggesting the bringing in of “modern” music? To Colonial Williamsburg! That just would not be right! I am so disappointed for Doug and you. Sigh….

    With my own husband now being unemployed for over 3 months now, I also feel I am operating from a place of lack far too much these days. I’m finding it more than a wee bit difficult to cast away the lines and bob on out to sea. xo


    Oh Lesley, I am so very sorry to hear this. We had noticed the new ad campaigns that Colonial Williamsburg is pushing but didn’t realize that the changes were going to be so extensive. Why do companies always rush to throw out the old and charming in their quest to bring in new customers?

    I hope we fellow Rosehips can be of help to you, be it finding the motivation to make changes, figuring out ways to make more money, or just a providing a place to vent.


    Thank you, dear women, for your concern and support (and Dori, you know all too well!). Just a short note before I get offline for the weekend. I start my break from posting at W&S today and shall make it here, as well. I need to stop *trying* for a short while and just be. Tho’ I still have taxes to do. : )

    Doug and I are doing better…the outpouring by visitors and fans for the balladeers has been really gratifying. There are no details or answers coming from the powers-that-be, so we are in limbo. Probably looking at unemployment, but everyone keeps hoping they will change their minds. It’s an odd place.

    I’ve made an appointment with Kaya on Monday for a free call. If we are a good fit, I will gladly use her support and wisdom in this strange time for me. When I contacted her, and mentioned my “menopausal apathy,” she responded:

    “I know all about menopausal apathy. That was a hard time for me too and yet my energy came back 100-fold, so stepping in more now could provide the roots for your larger business tree. You have a whole life still ahead of you.”

    Isn’t that encouraging? xo


    Very encouraging, indeed. : ) I will be quite anxious to hear how your call with Kaya goes, Lesley. I kind of wish we could bring her in “here.” Every once in awhile I feel as if my energy is coming back…but I’ve a long, long way to go.

    May your time away be peaceful, dear one.


    Still in limbo as far as Doug’s work, tho’ perhaps we shouldn’t be. There is one big donor meeting coming in a few days and that will be the last hope. Doug is feeling more down lately as the days go by and they receive no real word or firm idea of the future. And CW seems just fine with keeping everyone in the dark. He has work for sure through May, so we have a cushion of time to look at our options. He is learning about Uber and last night we had some good conversations about home and land while we watched Seed:The Untold Story and had long spells of buffering while our internet signal tried to cope.

    Kaya and I emailed back and forth until we came to an agreement on length of time and cost for mentoring. We settled on three months, which includes an hour + phone conversation each month and email support in between. I actually haven’t emailed at all yet, because the kernels that came from our talk have kept me busy (only in thought so far…taxes took up so much time and energy). I am so glad I guided her to my lesleyaustin.com website about halfway into our discussion. She had so many insights…one that is such a huge, all-encompassing one for my life, not just my business…and that is that what comes across on my website is that I am an artist first, business second. As soon as she said that, I could see that beauty comes first in everything I do. I was mentally hitting my head with my hand, realizing how that suits a tiny portion of the women who come my way, mostly those who are already customers, but that those who are seeking what I have to offer need to understand what I am offering way more easily than they do now.

    So…lots of renovation ahead at my website, and in many little ways as I consider how to better balance the artistic and the practical in the ways I connect with the world. Enough for now…my hands haven’t recovered yet from all of the tax/computer time.

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