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    -Wild Creative
    Tami Kent

    “Sometimes when you are in the middle of a project, its difficult to know whether a particular challenge means you need to try another direction or drop the project altogether. But in reading the energy signs, you will find an inner measure of how the project is going, even when the outer signs are unclear. These inner signs contain valuable directions when you know how to read them.

    One way to follow the underlying creative signs is to look for the pattern of flow. Notice where the flow is in regard to a creative project, and direct your energy there. If a particular direction is blocked, move in the direction of flow rather than pushing against the block. Following the flow may lead you in a new or alternate direction that will better support the overall creative process.

    Patterns of flow align with patterns of synchronicity; so, where you encounter synchronicity, you will find flow. Synchronicity is an oft-used term (originally coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung), defined as two or more unrelated events that may be meaningful or relay an underlying pattern. Jung suggested that concurrent events can be related to a larger underlying framework, such as the collective unconscious, which could also be a description of the greater creative energy field. For example, after I self-published my first book, I felt an intuition that it would still benefit from an official publisher to hold it in the long term. Rather than contacting publishers directly, I began talking to people in my community when the topic of the book came up naturally. During one of those conversations, a friend suggested Beyond Words as a publisher and mentioned a personal contact with one of the founders of the company. I listened to the suggestion but reflected on it instead of taking immediate action (receiving the feminine guidance before acting with the masculine). A few days later, I opened the local newspaper to find that the same Beyond Words cofounder my friend had mentioned was featured on a panel at the Woodstock literary festival in Portland. I recognized the synchronicity between my desire to find a publisher, my friends advice, and an opportunity to meet the same person my friend had suggested.
    I made plans to attend the event, though I had only a brief window in my schedule.

    I arrived at Woodstock just as the panel was finishing. I had missed the introductions of the panelists but walked up to the person nearest to me. She pointed to the person I sought, who was already making her the door. I strode up to her and introduced myself, asking if I could give her a copy of my self-published Wild Feminine. It’s a risk to extend oneself at an event like this with no personal introduction, but I did so because of the pattern of synchronicity. I didn’t give her a hard-sell regarding the books because I trusted the overall flow I had learned to move with. Later, when we were friends, she told me that if I had approached her even six months earlier, they would likely have rejected the project. But my timing was ideal; this spiritually oriented publisher was just now moving into the realm of the body. Beyond Words ultimately published three of my books as a result of my following the creative flow to the natural timing of our connection. Observing patterns of flow and synchronistic events in one’s life provides guidance for reading the creative signs and directing creative energy.”

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    • This topic was modified 5 years, 7 months ago by lesley.
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