…ever-evolving page of links and approaches to help us make our businesses ever more earth-thoughtful. The wisdom behind this is explained here, in my first “wild simplicity” post. But what I have discovered-in business and life-is that when you begin to make small changes in one area, it ripples out into others.

I wrote a post about it here (and include a printable page to help your own connection-making), but want to share one example from amongst many of the circular nature of…

-caring for the earth

-caring for our health

-caring for our money

I used to use the “free” priority mailing boxes from the post office for the orders I sent from my studio…and scrounged boxes for the non-priority mailings. Even tho’ I knew they were only very partially recycled, used powerful glues, were red, white and blue (not my colors…not colors that turn one’s attention towards Nature), didn’t always suit was I was sending, and added one more layer of figuring out to each order).

When I reopened my shop after a many-years hiatus, I made the shift to 100% post-consumer waste boxes from Eco-Enclose, ordered in a few sizes that fit my creations just so. It was a simple thing to figure out the cost of the boxes for me (including shipping) and add a small handling fee to my orders to cover it with no expense to me. When tape is needed, I have the most earth-friendly version of it available (also from Eco-Enclose). Now there is peace with this ever-present fact of business for those of us with physical goods…

…knowing that the shipping part of my business is now tree and plastic free

…less packaging is needed, in general, with the custom sizes

…the whole process for me (in the packaging up) and my customer (in the receiving and opening) is more pretty, pleasant and trash-free. No plastic tape to wrestle off the box and end up in the landfill or too-strong adhesives or bags to wrangle with or breathe in their toxicity.

In caring for the earth in this way…my well-being is also tended…and without cost to my pocketbook. And in fact, these considerations may bring even more customers my way, as more and more of us begin to care about these things and experience the very real benefits for ourselves and the earth in making gentle, wise choices.

my favorite paper

my favorite paper

eco enclose-sustainable packaging

EcoEnclose-sustainable packaging

organic hemp twine

organic hemp twine