October 2021

newsletter magic~part two

::  :: Becoming more independent from social media ::  ::

I’ve had the thought of giving up on this informal newletter course here because my days and my mind feel rather full lately…but instead, I decided to just keep on with it in a simple and easy fashion. The lessons are so short and I am just letting them percolate, rather than journaling or taking notes. And I do enjoy reading your responses in the comments!

Here is what Yarrow shared underneath the brief video about her own journey away from social media and some thoughts…

In this video I shared more about my own journey with social media and invited you to consider your relationships to apps and how this might relate to your business and how you share your work. There are no right or wrong answers here, but being curious might really help you to manage your time and energy in more effective ways.

Your next steps: 

  • Get your journal out and write about your experiences with social media – is it fun? Are there things that feel hard? How much time do you spent on the different platforms? Does it feel effective? In what ways might you want to become more independent from social media? 
  • Have a look around other businesses to gather ideas and inspiration for newsletter growth and creative sharing outside of social media. Everyone is different and I am sure you can find cool examples that go deeper into and beyond what we’re covering here and some of this might well become part of your strategy as well! 

I left FB years and years ago, Instagram last year and thus social media is mostly gone from my life. I check IG most days just to see if my Sam has posted anything because we don’t hear from him as much as I would like. Occasionally I look up someone newly on my scope there, but have no desire to rejoin there. I may post one last post there with my “best nine” for 2021…tho’ I think I stopped there early in the year so it might be moot. I do rather fall for mosaics of photos. And I have a real fondness for all I captured and wrote there over the years. So I will be getting my Instagram photos and words printed into books, eventually, as a really sweet chronicling of those years…even if I can’t find a tree-free way to do so.

“There are many ways of being in digital community with people, many ways to receive information or inspiration and be in dialogue with people. And you finding your own way of doing that is really going to nourish your business in a beautiful way.” ~Yarrow

This sums up today’s portion of the course for me and my own ponderings about social media in the recent past. I can see now that my web is being woven in giving and receiving ways, but apart from social media. I have my blog (no comments tho’) and newsletter and soon, my youtube channel. As I learn more about youtube, I am realizing that I value that it is search engine, not social media. And I value that it isn’t always changing and that the algorithm isn’t all powerful. People will be able to easily find me, no matter what, and everything I share will be there on one page, to explore, simply.

Youtube feels much steadier and reliable than FB and IG and all the others, for all it’s glare and too-much-ness. There will be the comments to enjoy and handle and sometimes-no-doubt-be bothered by, but I will figure out my ways with that. And, of course, it’s owned by Google. But if I’m to both give and receive with my creativity and make some sort of living, I don’t think I can do it untouched by big business. Perhaps one day I will find that truly restful, quiet, deeply independent way, but until then, I’ll just keep weaving my web as beautifully as I may.

How is your web weaving going?

newsletter magic~part one

So…I listened to the first video in the Newsletter Magic course and found it pretty straightfoward and familiar in the main, until the very last part…

Why a newsletter?  What is important about having one to you?

Some of Yarrow’s answers were…

~Sharing ideas and offers and invitations without social media

~Better boundaries around sharing


~It’s a creative way of expression

~Raises awareness

~It’s away from social media

Getting specific

~Do you want to set a numerical goal?

~If you have a newsletter, why do you find it challenging to be consistent?

~Have you any worries or concerns about this sort of sharing?


I’ve had a newsletter for a long time and have been doing it lately because it is the main way I have of sharing, offering and inviting, now that I’ve left Instagram. But my answer to question about consistency was that I don’t really want to send them out! That’s a bit of a problem. I’m hoping this course will breath some inspiration and energy into my even having a newsletter. And the last part of this bit of the course might give me a way in…

Meditation, from the stillness

-Think about the people who want to hear from you, and the ways you can express yourself and the creativity that comes through you. Picture them finding you, receiving your newsletter and how it makes them feel.-

I haven’t actually done this with attention, but just the quick picture and the warmth that surrounded it for me encouraged me that I will be able to find a better relationship with my newsletter. Tho’ I must admit, I am very distracted by the idea of a youtube channel and the beautiful silent films I can make and share there. It may be the best way for me to share, offer and invite…tho’ it’s not just one thing that we can count on, is it? But I remember my most successful days online when I had only a website and a little update/note/newsletter on the front page. Those halcyon days when the interwebs were much less crowded….


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