“Being a beekeeper, I’ll add a thought about flowers attracting with color and scent. Flowers also attract with frequency or vibration. If they are a nectar producing bloom, they emit a different pitch when their ‘nectaries’ are full. You’ll see bees buzzing here and there before they choose and settle on a blossom? They are listening or shopping, I suppose. A poorly fed and watered plant takes more time to refill blossoms with nectar….. When we are poorly fed (creatively, emotionally, financially….) we take longer to offer our gifts too.” ~Dori


I wanted to leave something here, as a continuation of our workshop and to keep the fresh air flowing into this room…even if we don’t spend much time here just now. It’s a busy time, isn’t it? For me, anyway, and I am just waking up from my summer stupor to meet it all. : )

Slow is the pace I am going for here, so that works with the fact that I’ve hardly spared a thought for my workshop notes in the last ten days. But that’s just fine, they will be waiting when I want to delve into them again. At the moment there is so much biz-tending to do that the deeper work can keep. I have orders to make and fill, designing to begin in earnest (after putting it off all summer!) and W&S, of course.

I was trying to set up something to alert you when there is a new post here, not to mention something in the Conversation page or the forums or…but I’ve decided we will go old-school here. If you are wanting some company or good thoughts or to get out your own thoughts in your journal here…you will visit. And if by year’s end we find that this place isn’t really needed, I will gracefully let it go again. So, we’ll wait and see what grows.

::  :: BIZ LOVE-UP ::  ::

Wanted to let you know about Susannah Conway’s free mini-offering, in case you would like to delve quite deeply into your business/work…or if you are just curious! She is offering this as an intro to her full-fledged course The Inside Story. I was a member when it was new and inexpensive and found it supported my own notions of doing business my own way. This version is really pricey and as doing biz your own way is easier to find support for now, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you appreciate lots of prompts and questions and journaling to get to the heart of the matter, you will enjoy the Biz Love Up. I’ll just be skimming the daily workbooks to see a prompt here or there sparks anything for me, or leaving it all to use during a biz retreat later on. Here is the schedule Susannah shared in the first email…

Day 1 — The Big Check-in

Day 2 — Making Space

Day 3 — Digging Deeper

Day 4 — Grow Your Audience

Day 5 — Nourish Your Self