September 2021

newsletter magic!

So…shall we do Newsletter Magic together? Slowly, slowly? Those of us who bought the course can watch the videos that go with the prompts and exercises, those who haven’t could do the journaling/thinking with us…which is the important part. Tho’ I’m sorry I can’t share the videos, too.

I was thinking just two steps a week? The steps are very small and the videos short. Some of us won’t have to do much with a few steps about choosing your newsletter provider, tho’ the questions will probably still prove useful.

This rhythm would mean we could be refreshed with our newsletters come November, which will be perfect for me as that is when I really need to market the Daybook for 2022.

Let me know your thoughts!



the real law of attraction?

“Being a beekeeper, I’ll add a thought about flowers attracting with color and scent. Flowers also attract with frequency or vibration. If they are a nectar producing bloom, they emit a different pitch when their ‘nectaries’ are full. You’ll see bees buzzing here and there before they choose and settle on a blossom? They are listening or shopping, I suppose. A poorly fed and watered plant takes more time to refill blossoms with nectar….. When we are poorly fed (creatively, emotionally, financially….) we take longer to offer our gifts too.” ~Dori


I wanted to leave something here, as a continuation of our workshop and to keep the fresh air flowing into this room…even if we don’t spend much time here just now. It’s a busy time, isn’t it? For me, anyway, and I am just waking up from my summer stupor to meet it all. : )

Slow is the pace I am going for here, so that works with the fact that I’ve hardly spared a thought for my workshop notes in the last ten days. But that’s just fine, they will be waiting when I want to delve into them again. At the moment there is so much biz-tending to do that the deeper work can keep. I have orders to make and fill, designing to begin in earnest (after putting it off all summer!) and W&S, of course.

I was trying to set up something to alert you when there is a new post here, not to mention something in the Conversation page or the forums or…but I’ve decided we will go old-school here. If you are wanting some company or good thoughts or to get out your own thoughts in your journal here…you will visit. And if by year’s end we find that this place isn’t really needed, I will gracefully let it go again. So, we’ll wait and see what grows.

::  :: BIZ LOVE-UP ::  ::

Wanted to let you know about Susannah Conway’s free mini-offering, in case you would like to delve quite deeply into your business/work…or if you are just curious! She is offering this as an intro to her full-fledged course The Inside Story. I was a member when it was new and inexpensive and found it supported my own notions of doing business my own way. This version is really pricey and as doing biz your own way is easier to find support for now, I wouldn’t recommend it. But if you appreciate lots of prompts and questions and journaling to get to the heart of the matter, you will enjoy the Biz Love Up. I’ll just be skimming the daily workbooks to see a prompt here or there sparks anything for me, or leaving it all to use during a biz retreat later on. Here is the schedule Susannah shared in the first email…

Day 1 — The Big Check-in

Day 2 — Making Space

Day 3 — Digging Deeper

Day 4 — Grow Your Audience

Day 5 — Nourish Your Self



root stem bloom workshop!

Hello dear friends!

I listened to this workshop again yesterday (most of it, while I designed our page) and wanted to share my experience of it and how I will be working with it myself. After jotting down some notes, I would recommend simply listening and watching the first 45 minutes or so, perhaps pausing and getting down some quick responses if something touches you. I found it all good and sparking of my own thoughts, but it also didn’t become clear to me how to use the framework of Root Stem Bloom…until around 46:46 in the video.

Yarrow’s gathering up of what each part of the plant signifies to her…

Roots ~ Internal…core values, needs, skills, circumstances, connection to earth, networks & communities, what comes from deep within us

Stem ~ The  Structure…framework, software, biz rhythms, what arrangements and containers will allow what is deep within us to reach the blooms that people will see and be drawn to

Blooms ~ External…creations & offerings, day to day tasks, creative focus, what we show & present to the world

…gave me understanding and started my mind and heart pondering. But it was the flow from one bit to another in her spreadsheet (of all things! : ) that really made it clear to me that with this workshop we are trying to figure out how to more practically and simply bring our desires and our creating to the world in more successful and satisfying ways.

The page I created is just a pretty, papery version of Yarrow’s spreadsheet. The first version had her questions under each heading, but then I realized that her questions only sparked my thoughts, but didn’t need to be written down here. I think it would be helpful to get down the thoughts and responses somewhere (lately I’ve been doing so in a half-filled old notebook and then sifting what is most meaningful into more permanent papery vessels) and then refining them into this page. That is what I will be doing, anyway!

Root Stem Bloom Page

After about 50:00 in the video, Yarrow turned to using finances to help with the pondering and she also answered some questions from the women who were joining in at the time. This might be helpful to you, too, but it wasn’t for me. I have never found it helpful to predict my income or aspirationally dream about it on paper, and it just cluttered up what did seem helpful to me about the workshop. Tho’ one of the questions answered was about evergreen creations and Yarrow did speak a bit about publishing-on-demand, which might be interesting to our writers. So I will be stopping at about that time, getting something to drink and taking a break, and prepare to work with the questions and our page…our co-working session, if you will. So our schedule will look something like this (times are EST)…

3pm Gather here and say hello if you’d like! Then begin to watch the Root Stem Bloom video

4pm Take a little break to move, finish listening to the last few minutes of the workshop, get a snack or drink and refresh in any way you like.

4:20pm Gather here again and begin our co-working time with our notes and the page. It can be helpful to share an intention for the co-working session before beginning, so I will do that myself and welcome you to join in, if you feel led to.

Any questions? See you soon…

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