So…we’ve made a start here, we’ve gathered. Now I wonder in what direction we shall go?

Honestly, I’m in a lot of pain today and can’t write all that I would like to. But I wanted to put something here, to let you know I am on the watch for next steps and also waiting to see if a few others will join in with us.

I’ve put one of our Rosehip Business heroines here today to remind myself that looking within is the most important tool we have. And one day next week, I will be creating a business retreat for myself-frugal version-upstairs with many hours to myself. I am working on some prompts or some other breadcrumbs to follow and wonder if you would like to follow them along with me? We can retreat together, if you would like.

In the meantime, I am sharing a link to a video (the twelve minute one that you will find if you scroll-the longer one is something I received for being on Michelle’s mailing list.) Michelle (and Aimee) come the closest to describing my philosophy of business and creating. I discovered this for myself twenty five years ago, but have strayed from it now and then from lack of confidence. And lately I have needed inspiration like this (M&A have many videos on youtube, the later ones being the best) because I’ve lost my own inspiration…for now.

Michelle describes the key to creative business, at least, what has been my key. Letting go of to-dos rather than taking on more, staying true to ourselves, finding the few systems and tools and arrangements that work for our particular creating. Give a listen and let me know what you think. I am heading for the sofa! xoxoxo