Hello dear women and welcome to these rooms again! I wonder what you are hoping to find here? Honestly, I will tell you I am not exactly sure what I want to provide, but then, I am not exactly sure about much these days. : )

What I do know is that it would be nourishing to be able to have a place to find each other if we are trying to do our work with simplicity and deep care for ourselves. I have made many shifts since we last gathered here in that spirit…I’ve let go of social media, I’ve left MailChimp and most other tools and companies outside my blogs and Etsy shop, I’ve created pared-down rhythms for my work and sharing.

But I’ve also lost my making mojo almost entirely…week after week I put off designing my 2022 Daybook line, creating stationery doesn’t really interest me, and I’ve pulled all my papery things out of my shop after a favorite paper was discontinued and my enthusiasm waned. Fortunately, my interest in Wisteria & Sunshine hasn’t waned, tho’ I am needing to find different ways to spread the word and allow the women who would love it to find it.

When we gathered here before, it soon became clear that most of us were struggling with our businesses in one way or another, but hadn’t really come to any decisions about what to do. Since then, a few that were here have given up their businesses. Others of us have spent these years refining, probably still seeking too much, making some good changes, but still figuring things out.

And in those intervening years, I’ve seen more and more people who write or have small, creative businesses trying to do things differently…find their own paths…turn away from what felt required…slowly, slowly craft a life where work and well-being and contentment weave together into something more pleasing than before. That is what I am intending for myself, too, even if I don’t know just what it will look like yet.

Why don’t we begin here by sharing in the comments what we are intending for ourselves around our work, what is working and what isn’t…basically your own version of what I just shared? And we can go on from there, step by step, until we know a little more clearly where we are going and what we would like this place to be.

I’m so pleased to be here with you.

xo Lesley

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