I splurged this week and finished my not-really-a-retreat-after-all in Williamsburg in a cozy room with a canopy bed and Lesley-sized bathtub right in the room. The extra sweetness of it is that my room was part of what was Doug’s apartment back when we were courting in the mid-80’s. So lots of thoughts of Doug, but no interruptions from him. : ) And goodness, did I get to sink into quiet and the sifting of so much…especially the second day.

All of the notes from courses I’ve taken over the years…the books and blog posts I’ve read…the  webinars I’ve attended and podcasts I’ve listened to…all distilled into a very clear and simple path forward. There was definitely more letting go, actually, than distilling, and my own wisdom and awareness my main tool. But I do have an enticing notebook with the gleanings from others to turn to now and again…and a few new approaches and rhythms I will be clarifying further and getting down into my own systems as February flows on.

So much weaving (my word this year) went on in those solitary hours…and the following of threads of my own spinning. For much too long, I’ve been seeking threads from others, to use in my own weavings, but that so rarely works for me. I know that clearly now. I am thinking of creating a little lending library here with some books and resources I know I will not use again. They gave me something interesting to turn to when I felt needy, but I don’t think I will feel that way again. Or if I do, I will know to how to take care of it myself.

Before mission statements and customer profiles and all of that was a thing, I wrote something in the same spirit in my first business card, which opened like a book and explained how my business began inside the card. I believe most of us know how to create what needs creating. Some space and time to create, without all of the other bits pressing on us is the most important ingredient. This lovely, distracting online world seems bent on helping us to feel like we don’t know how to do so much. I am feeling free of that now. I am bent on crafting containers for all the ways that I want to be, in life and business…and rhythms. Just like we do in our homes and gardens, in life.

I’ll share something that had a profound effect on my clarity in Wisteria & Sunshine’s Monday post. And will be back here soonish with my ideas for our Rosehip Business rhythms and rituals. I finally understand (thanks to a “yearbook” I bought last month) the way dreams and goals and the steps towards them work…can work for me…and I see the monthly and seasonal attention to them becoming the heart of what we do here.