…I would like to begin again here…in a much smaller, but more intimate and helpful way. Yesterday, I began a small biz retreat, spending most of my time upstairs in my sons’ rooms. So far, I’ve let go of more ideas, papers and notes than ever before…begun a list of biz-planning pages to design…unsubscribed from a free trial business “mastermind” group…and made a few major decisions.

It’s a start! The retreat hasn’t been especially focused or solitary, as I spend the evening with Doug and he keeps talking of household matters whenever I come downstairs for provisions. : ) But progress is being made and I will continue to spend hours upstairs in the next few days and get to a point of feeling ready to begin with some fresh, simple systems on the 7th. I will share the details in a post here next week.

I am greatly encouraged by the deeper level of simplicity I am glimpsing for myself and my business, all that it will call forth in me to actually live it out and how the sharing of it here and elsewhere might be of encouragement!