I didn’t see this coming, but it came none-the-less, very quickly several days ago…Rosehip Business will be in abeyance for the next while…at least until the New Year. I’ve tried to bring it to life in the ways I envisioned, but like so much in this season of life for me, it has not been able to take root. I’ve not given up on it completely, and will be ready to breath it into life again whenever the time seems right…but just now, it doesn’t seem to be needed, at least as I’ve offered it this time.

And it is a good time to pause as many of your memberships come up for renewal in a week or so. I’ll be working out the details of how that works in the days to come. And will be sending any refunds that are due.

And these rooms of Wisteria & Sunshine will remain open to you, in case you do want to write in (or start) your journal…read…ask a question…comment. I’ll still receive word of it. And I will do the same if I feel moved, tho’ I’m still feeling very quiet. Yet, at the same time, I am working more deeply in my business than I have for awhile, and will go even deeper when I return from Ireland. It feels more important than ever to be nurturing everything that is nurturing of all that is good in this world, and I like to think our businesses are a part of that. I know they are.

I’ll be sending a note out to our little band of Rosehips later today with this news when I return from town. Please write here or send me a note if you have a feelings or thoughts to share! I am so grateful for your taking a chance with me and Rosehip Business, and hope it was a gentle encouraging place to turn to. Perhaps it will be, even more so, in the future. We shall see…