Hello from the studio where the printer whirrs and I take a breather from making and sending out newsletters and messages! The details of being in business online are many and my strongest desire for Rosehip Business at this moment is to design some pages for us…

…clear, beautiful pages to truly help get some of the burdensome details out of our heads and onto some pages. I am thinking of…

-a weekly page where we can spill everything out at the beginning of a week

-a moon phase page where we can plan our visioning and spiritual aspects of our work

-a social media/blogging/other ways of sharing page to both keep track of stats and do some planning

Just first thoughts tho’. I am very much hoping to hear from you about what would be most helpful to your particular business. So please let me know in the comments.

And as I am learning (the hard way) that unless your lovely plans are reviewed regularly and acted upon, much still slips through the cracks. So I am wondering if you would find the receiving of automated emailings (they would be pretty and not too difficult for me to set up) helpful? With reminders to Plan, Review, Rest, Get Inspired and so on? We could work on those together, too.

I suppose I am in the business version of the get-ready-for-school mood.

How about you?