This is not the post I intended to write, but all that is possible after several days of symptoms that keep distracting and draining me. I’ve visited the doctor, we are running some tests, but it is probably just more of my menopause-related anxiety. So I’ve been revisiting the notes and wisdom I’ve gathered in the past few years, and thought I would share this one that meant so much to me when I was plagued with headaches last year, and still does. It’s a perennial message, especially for we women tending our own businesses with love and hope.

“Oh, how densely packed your head is, my sweet,” sighs Grandmother Growth. “I’m afraid there’s no room for new growth. If you could empty your mind, leave off worrying and planning for awhile, and give in to the chaos and its random pleasures, just for a short time, I think you’d feel less pressure and your head would hurt less. The energy of your womb now circulates inside you and throbs in your head. Sit quietly; breathe out through the top of your head and imagine the breath falling gently down to earth. Rest your forehead against the earth. Place this cool stone on your third eye. Your Crone’s Crowning comes closet. This is the work of your body; let your mind rest.”

-Susan Weed

My body in a rather profound transition, so is my life in a way, especially with Doug’s loss of a beloved job and all that means for us. I need to step back from trying to “fix” so much with my business and me (tho’ there is much to nurture into alignment) and keep coming back to nourishing the roots. I’ve got much to do with the Daybook in the next few days (and so it is with dated/seasonal offerings), but I’m leaving off all that I was reading and writing to inspire and focus. My business, like me, is in the Rosehip season, not a Maiden business with its lovely buds of ideas and beginnings, or a Mother business in full-bloom and energy, nor a Crone business settled and thriving with ease. It is in between Mother and Crone, just as I am. My hope is that as I keep recognizing and accepting this, I will find the ways to support both myself and my business through this season as well as I may.

I wrote this in my journal back in February (finding it is one of the helps of keeping a journal : ) …

In the recording, she mentioned that our businesses go through the same seasons we do as women…maiden, mother, crone (or rosehip). And when I heard that, so much fell into place. Just as my health, my days, and me, myself and I have felt…uncertain, mysterious, perplexing, and unrooted for the past few years, so have my businesses. But now I see that we are all in transition, and not an easy one.

Here is the podcast I mentioned. Perhaps you can make time to listen to it, then come back here and share the season of business you feel you are in…if it matches your season of a woman’s life (it doesn’t have to!)…is it helpful to think of your business in this way?



P.S. I do want to honor this month’s theme of Restful Organization, in spite of my challenges, but some help would be appreciated. Which areas of your business are most in need of attention and tidying? I will try to address these in next week’s post.