…and trying not to look behind, to where I was a week ago…except with gratitude. When, honestly, I am wishing I was there again! Can we ever get enough of solitude and spaciousness, in our minds and our surroundings? It may seem a bit absurd that I feel hemmed in, with my children grown and working at home with the freedom to craft my hours how I wish…but even so, the barnacled feeling is there…menopause, pain, a dear husband, keeping chickens safe from the new fox that prowls, a car that needs expensive fixes, sales taxes I forgot to file…you know.

But I had my time away, and the work now is to integrate all that I came to in those unencumbered hours. Some of that will mean finishing the steps left undone when my retreat hours were over, and when Doug is away on some day shifts the next few days, I will turn to those tasks, gladly. They are all centered upon the tending of my business…marketing…rhythms and routines. There are so many parts to being in business for oneself, and I am seeing a new form taking place in mind for this place that is akin to what I shared at Wisteria & Sunshine, but different. For what we do here is different.

Here, I would like to have a monthly rhythm with a focus, lovelies-to-print, and an interview…but it came to me today that it might be most helpful if the focuses weren’t the same as W&S (with a business slant) but their own entirely. And that each month we might focus on a particular area of business…

-our websites

-social media

-rhythm and routine

-our workspaces

-growing our audience

-goal-setting & planning


And I would continue to post here weekly, but heartfelt, transparent posts that are related to our focus.

What do you think?

We will have the forums for all of the questions and sharings that come up, apart from our focus, of course. But in the same way that I’ve spoken of the power of spiraling around with themes and elements at Wisteria & Sunshine, I think it would create more of a feeling of retreat here if we keep it as simple, rhythmical and centered as possible.  To keep coming back to the universal ingredients, spending time with them, finding our own individual ways with them…the ones that bring the most peace and progress…and knowing we will visit them again.

After I finish my retreat at home in the next few days, I’ll have more ideas for our elements. Much of my retreat work was similar to what I described above, and I have large pages with different headings and what I discerned as my way with them, so there is lots of inspiration. But I value your ideas and needs so much, so please add your own wish list of what you would like our Rosehip Business monthly focus list to include…