As I wrote in my note, this is a time of disintegrating and waiting and recreating my business, if not in major ways than in the details. We’ll see how long it takes and how far it ripples out. But I recognize it as a part of the spiral journey with work and life and most everything, it is just especially intense for me this time around. Perhaps because of all that the journey towards menopause calls out…perhaps because I’ve been in business for almost twenty years now…perhaps because I am wanting more than ever a better balance…equilibrium with the effort I put into my work and the results.

When I felt the transformation really begin last week (of course, it’s been coming much longer than that), it was all depression and confusion. I reached out to Doug and to friends, simmered and lamented. It started to turn when I began listening to this book while I went for my morning walks. At first glance, you wouldn’t think it was a Rosehip Business book, and I’m still not sure that it is. I chose it because it was the most interesting business book I found when needing to use up my last free credit at Audible. : )  But listening to Carrie’s story, especially with its struggles, kept me walking and gave me my first glimmer of hope in awhile.

Hope and…discomfort isn’t the right word…but an acknowledgement that I could be doing better with using my inner wisdom and natural gifts and trying to understand both the workings of the online world and what my women want from me. In the last few days, I’ve sent our surveys to my (I would say “peeps,” except that’s not me…but I don’t like “customers” or “followers”…so I will go on calling them “my women” and hope that reflects all that I feel towards them!) women, watched a free Pinterest webinar that came my way (and one thing I learned from it is really helping me to see the possibilities there, for the first time) and am considering Carrie’s 28-day program that you can access if you’ve bought the book. Hmmm…that’s a pretty porous chrysalis. : )

Come the New Moon at the end of next week, I’ll be hardening that outer shell, however, as I take myself off for a short business retreat and go inward…with all that I’ve been gathering and considering…and come back out again with a plan. Not my true emerging, that will take some time, but with some furnishings and nourishment for my chrysalis time. Caterpillars have instinct to guide them, we need some tools…of the practical sort and the heart-centered sort.

Are you, also, in a chrysalis time with your business? Or butterfly? Or…