…and it’s “home”…whether that is your desk and computer, the kitchen table, a studio or hired space. I think it is helpful, whenever we can, to explore Wisteria & Sunshine’s focus in ways it touches our businesses. We can look at the Home of our business in many ways, but two might be the spirit and bones of what we are offering to the world…and the spirit and bones of the actual spaces in which we create and tend our work. And both of these can be ever-changing, can’t they?

We will be following this thread throughout the month, but I want to begin today with the same question I posed at Wisteria & Sunshine, tho’ two versions…

In a word or two…what would you say is the spirit of your business…or what you would like it to be?


the same for the home of your business, in a more practical sense?

And, since it came to me when I was answering the first two, here is one more to tune into…

How would you describe the spirit of your emotions around your business?