A few years ago I wrote down “align your tending and rhythms with the moon and the seasons, not the calendar.” It’s a trickier shift to make than I expected. Living by the weeks and months is so ingrained. But it is another layer of Wild Simplicity, to use what surrounds us and brings us connection and joy, as our clock and calendar…as much as is practical. No need to create elaborate systems, just fit in what we want to take care of within the ancient systems that have been gifted to us.

I believe I mentioned that I am working with Kaya Singer with a little mentoring? We’ve had two phone calls and after the last one, I asked if she could be an accountability partner to me for the rest of our time together. Actually taking some of the steps I’ve thoughtfully mapped out for my business has often been challenging for me, and more so than ever in this rosehip time. I tried this once before in a business group, but it didn’t work at all for me. We were paired with complete strangers and it wasn’t natural to care whether my lovely-but unknown partner received my weekly update on my progress. And it certainly didn’t nudge me to action…which is what I need. But I’ve found that doing it with Kaya is working, because we have a relationship and she understands me and I value her.

My first youtube video would probably still be an idea, if not for this accountability (wish there was a better word, but even the thesaurus hasn’t been of help with finding one!), and my most recent blog post, and recent newsletters. We are on a simple weekly rhythm with them. On Wednesdays, I send her an email sharing how I did with my previous week’s goals and set a few new ones. I’ve been pleasantly surprised how well it is working, so far, and have been pondering how it might work here. And soon saw that it would work simply and beautifully if we weave it in with the phases of the moon and the turning of the seasons.

What I’ve imagined is a New Moon post where we plant our seeds in the comments of what we would like to see grow as the moon waxes to fullness. Then we can have a Full Moon check-in post where we revisit our goals and hopes, share our accomplishments and challenges, take a restorative breath and make note of any small shifts we want to make in the care of those seedlings (sometimes replanting!) to take us along until the next New Moon.

As well, we can allow the season we are in to influence our choice of tasks. For instance, when I was choosing some goals to send to Kaya this week, I felt into what I like Summer to be. And it mostly has the age-old associations of more rest and play than at other times of the year. But also, my own creative seasons mean that I will spend a goodly part of the summer in design work for the Daybook. Especially as I plan to have a year’s worth of seasonal diaries and day booklets designed by the start of August. Knowing all of this, I knew that it would help me greatly if I can spend the next few weeks getting all of my business-tending ducks in a row.

-finish the refreshing of Wisteria & Sunshine’s signup page

-write down a Sharing rhythm for blog posts, newsletters, videos, Pinterest and Instagram

That is enough for the week’s rhythm I have with Kaya, but next week, I will probably be adding the not-online rhythms of book-keeping and designing. And all of the other additions that will come to mind now that I’ve made an intention! : )

I am looking forward to your thoughts…