Some full moon thoughts I came across that spoke to some hard-to-pin-down feelings. I am not a student of astrology, but do enjoy what its practitioners share now and then. Their insights can be a mirror to what is too murky for me to see in myself, in the usual ways. Please use these as a prompt for your own ponderings or journaling, or simple recognitions. The full article may be found via the link at the end.

“If we can take this time to sit with ourselves, and be truthful about all we reject and deny, we can uncover, untangle and reclaim ourselves in our fullness.

We are both light and shadow, dancing and meeting each other in each other, to be ultimately reconciled within.

This dance is one of mastery, a blossoming and continuous unfoldment…”

“The Moon represents our needs and what we need under a Scorpio Moon is connection – deep, intimate, powerful connection to another.

“The problem is that sometimes what we’re fighting for is not what we really want. It’s important to sit down and check in with whether your goals are really your goals.

Sometimes the targets we set ourselves arise from complex dynamics with others, from old family values, from the desire to be valued.

Mentally, we’ve been getting a wake-up call and we’ve begun to see things differently.

Flashes of knowing and light-bulb ideas stimulate the desire to break free. Under a change of perspective, old loyalties begin to wane.

“Full Moon in Scorpio is that one time in the year when the Moon reflects back to us in full glory our deepest, feminine water power.

Water is the element most impressionable, most reflective, most emotional, most empathetic, most patient…”

Mystic Mamma