…which is more difficult than looking within, or so it seems to me. Even thinking about entering into this subject feels thorny, and I shall give you an example why. Without getting into specifics, I recently discovered (just by happening to see the raw materials) that someone making something that has a very down-to-earth, handmade, homemade, old-fashioned sensibility to it is making this something with generic, grocery-store cheap ingredients, at least in part, but most likely a large part. I’ve thought of it often since, gently and with compassion…because I know that cost it at the bottom of the sourcing of the very unearth-friendly ingredients. Especially as she sells wholesale. And I know that if I  brought it up, there would be sighs and real misgivings about it all. Paying attention to both what comes into our studios and making-rooms, what goes out, and what is created in the process are very challenging topics, if we are getting real about our businesses’ ecological footprints.

Yet, I also believe that aligning our actions and our making with what we have become aware of and care about is part of a nourishing and flourishing business and a peaceful heart. And in the best of scenarios, that aligning may be the missing ingredient in both the success and the joy we receive from our work.

What do you think…and feel about this?

Let’s get real, if you are ready.

And let’s help each other with Small Ways with our businesses. Please lament, share the conflicts you puzzle over, the connections you are starting to make, the problems you are facing.

I am keeping this post short, feeling out the readiness to take this on amongst our gathering, but also knowing it is time to breath some life into this integral part of Wild Simplicity @ Work…