In the spirit of the quote in our banner, I spent as much time as I could during my recent break looking within…and then waiting with those open hands. Until very recently, I might have spent many hours of my week looking without…at business and marketing ecourses…at other’s offerings…at other’s Instagram feeds…in books online and on my shelves. Several months ago, tho’, I gave away all of my business books-I never used them anyway. And I finally seem to have reached a threshold with the online world that quickly lets me know when I would be better offline. My curiosity about what others are doing is waning. For I’ve realized that, just like the books, most of the guidance offered in courses and workshops and other teachings is of a general nature, and my business is not…nor is yours.

We, each of us, have a business or craft as unique and individual as ourselves. And who knows us better than ourselves? When we stop to listen, that is? I have written this phrase here and there, when I am trying to explain some of what Wild Simplicity is…

Looking to the earth and our own nature for answers.

…and I believe it wholeheartedly. But living it out is more difficult than writing it. But that is what I tried to do during my respite. I wrote this to a friend about what I was seeking…

The crux of what I am pondering is the that online world is awash in ecourses, workshops, and even membership sites are becoming a thing. But ecourses and such are not *my* thing. But I want to make W&S and RB valuable to more women , so I am trying to find where my gifts and women’s desires meet.

What I’m trying to put my finger on is what women who aren’t looking for courses and such but are looking for *something* are looking for? I believe I offer that at W&S, the beauty-peace part, but that other facets have to be more…explainable, practical…whether its papery projects or regular recordings or…hmmmm? I know “my women” aren’t looking for conversation, so much, or webinars or group anything. But I do think there has to be more than there is.

So hard to describe. But I, for instance, am not looking for someone to teach me…but I do long for a place to go that helps me to briefly check in with myself and I am lately picturing that women’s club I like to think of W&S being and figuring out the why of belonging to something like that and what my W&S women’s club is lacking.

So, instead of looking far and wide for ideas, I tried to hone in on what I already knew I loved and was good at. There were only the tiniest of glimmers in the beginning of the week. But one of the glimmers was to spend more time actually imagining Wisteria & Sunshine as a real place. What would I want to find there? If we held a gathering there, what would we like to do together? What ingredients would await me if I wanted to be alone in a quiet corner. And slowly, slowly, the ideas began to come. Then every bath, every falling asleep became an opportunity to “cup my hands” and wait for my own, distinctive, natural, satisfying next step along this journey.

And as is often the way, I was really just remembering something I already know…

…discerned in one of those quiet-clearing moments last year and residing upon my pinboard. : ) Much more to say, but my tax-tired brain says it can wait until next time.

P.S. Our new Spring heroine graces this post, kindly lent to us by Deb.