*Today’s post (Friday, the 14th) will arrive later today…a long headache and taxes have put me behind. : )*

It is New Moon time for the next few nights, and a felicitous time to…

  • rest, dream
  • create, vision
  • set intentions & goals
  • gather with women

(from our Moon Wisdom page). Someday, our Ceremonials may have more structure than our first New Moon ceremonial, but you know, the most important part of ritual is the making of the time, space and intention for it. So if you only go as far as making a cosy spot for yourself for the next little while, make sure there is soft lighting and candles, something to write with and in, that is a fine beginning.

I am feeling singularly unfitted to lead any sort of organized anything at the moment, as my own rosehip journey seems to only deepen and make me quieter and more resistant than ever to plans and…hmmm…to-dos. Sometimes, even the suggestions for ritual can feel like pressure. So let’s not force. Let’s be aware, more than anything else, of our need for the introspection and solitude that are New Moon qualities. And how we most easily find or create the atmosphere that nurtures them. And what we would like to find within the shelter of the hidden moon.

I’ve not had a moment to myself since Thursday…but Friday morning, when Doug was elsewhere and I left my computer and walked over to open my studio door to the gorgeous Spring day, I watched the tiny birds hopping around the woodpile for few moments….then a butterfly flitted past…and then a large, dark vulture swooped slowly and surprisingly upwards from behind the blooming forsythia. The beautiful pulse of life was all around me, and I became aware of how much the watching of it, and being with it, was what I wanted to be doing more than anything else. A new moon moment, and I recognized it as such.

That is why I don’t want to offer much beyond these reflections for our first ceremonial. Before we can vision and set intentions, we’ve got to become better acquainted with our truest dreams and desires, the ones that are so easy to set aside or ignore because they are difficult (for us or others)…the ones that are revealed to us, if only momentarily, if we rest from our thinking and doing…for even the tiniest while. Like this confusing menopause dance I am in (sort of New Moon all of the time!),  revealing to me messages which are difficult to weave in with making a living or even going about my day in the usual ways. So my ceremonial will consist of creating that quiet spot and the quiet moments to spend in it…perhaps in the very same doorway with a pillow…

To be receptive.

Perhaps more will flow out it, but if not, it is enough.