It’s been a difficult week with health issues and general aimlessness. So I actually welcomed a town day yesterday, getting my work done at the library and finding the change of scene just the ticket. Then a long, slow lunch outside with a book and smiles to passersby and little else. A nap in the sunshine that warmed the car while I waited for Doug to finish his work, and my restoration was fairly complete.

But if you asked me for a check-in on the state of my business, or even the state of my business heart…words will still come only slowly. Still noticing and letting go, but having more trouble getting on with things. So I wait, and do what I can, in the last several days that has meant learning how to make a video with music and voice-over…in the small bursts of energy that are given to me…and looking forward to our New Moon Ceremonial (ready on Sunday!).

I would like today’s post to be a chance for a check in with you, ever so lightly. The New Moon will bring out deeper insights, but if there is something you would like to put out there that is on your heart or mind, please respond in the comments. I sense that an airing of something here first may help our New Moon reflections…be they private or shared here when the time comes. What is on my heart is to ask you how you are finding Rosehip Business, a month along? In the first note I sent out about it, I wrote:

“It will be peaceful here, supportive in its offerings and potential for conversation, lots of room and space for it to become the place you may have been looking for, if you are putting your heartfelt creative work out into the world & trying to do so in natural, genuine, earth-thoughtful ways.”

Is it enough to be-in the main-the place to gather with kindreds and know that you will always be encouraged to look within and to the wisdom and cycles of natural rhythms? With plenty of words and other inspiration? I want to come up with gentle approaches with “accountability” and marketing and so many facets of business and creating…but both my nature and my season of life make this a slow journey.  Feedback is so helpful. Please let me know your thoughts! In an email, if you prefer. If you’ve been a member of Wisteria & Sunshine for awhile, you’ll know that I used to have to ask this regularly there, and try various different offerings (forums, a chat room, doing projects together) to make sure I was doing my best to provide what was wanted. After many years experiments, I found that the women who were involved and invested mostly wanted a place they could come and find thoughts and beauty and resources to partake of in their own way and at their own timing. Perhaps it will be the same here, but in this “honeymoon” phase, there is so much to still unfold…