Women dear, if you’ve visited W&S this week, you will see that I’ve begun posting there about the “containers” of various sorts that I mentioned in Friday’s post here. In case you are joining in with getting your business ducks in a row, I thought I would add small posts here daily with a few business-related notes and ideas.

My Circle of the Year includes getting down on paper the details that are important to the creating of my offerings and the running of my business…

  • the calendar-oriented ones
  • the seasonal and cyclical ones
  • the self-care and restorative ones
  • the rhythms of making & planning & designing

In the next two days, I will be focusing on the last one, as I’ve seen how much ease and orderliness will enter in if I pin down the most felicitous dates to have my offerings made and available. Having more than a whole year’s experience with Daybook designing makes this doable now.

Are there details of your work that would benefit from getting them down in a Yearly framework?