As I’ve been creating the rhythms (daily, weekly, monthly, seasonally) for my business in the past few weeks, and the vessels (mostly notebooks and other papery ways to organize what is useful), I’ve become aware that one of the great opportunities we have here is to create the same sort of containers-rhythms and practices- to consistently check in with our businesses. This might include our plans and dreams, but also all that we need to do and tend to if our businesses are to thrive and ourselves to find contentment.

A seasonal, yearly rhythm for us to follow is starting to grow, borne of observation and too many years of unsuccessfully trying the “usual” traditions. Tho’ I will eagerly receive your input on what I may be forgetting. It is looking like this so far…

January…rest and some reflection

February…deeper reflection and gentle planning

March…plotting & planning & planting of rhythms and practices

I like the idea of the Spring Equinox as the time to have everything thought-out, arranged and ready to be getting on with. At the time of new beginnings, I usually feel actually willing to begin, unlike my feelings in January. : ) So in years to come, we will spend March doing what I suggest we do for the next few weeks (since the Equinox is only a few days from now!)…discerning and creating our own Rhythms & Routines. The ones that will carry us through those times when we lose focus, or motivation, or enthusiasm. The ones that will bring more peace to our minds and our days, knowing that the things that often slip through the cracks won’t be able to slip so easily. The ones that will bring us more in flow with the turn of the seasons, the circling of the earth, the motion of our spirits.

Ceremonials will also become a part of our Rosehip Business ways. If this word is new to you, please put “Abbie Graham” or “ceremonials” in the search box at Wisteria & Sunshine. We will have our first one on the 27th…a New Moon Ceremonial. A time for visioning and dreaming around our work and businesses. I will be gathering some questions and practices that we will spend time with every coming ’round of the New Moon…in the comments, in your journals here, in paper and pen in your own dear home. Whatever you like.

There will be a Full Moon Ceremonial, too, tho’ I am less clear of what its focus should be. Perhaps a checking in with the progress of our new moon visioning? A more sociable back and forth if we need encouragement or advice? Please share your ideas as they come to you.

This is the framework I used for the planning I’ve been working on. I was much more focused on my work than my home this time, and have a few more bits to get in place. I’ll share about all of that next week, perhaps sooner if I can manage it. If you have any questions, please ask away in the comments. And do please share your own helpful rhythms and systems, if you’d like…or the ways in which you would like yours to shift…