Shall we speak of marketing? It is one of the many words that come into our minds and out of our mouths when we are talking about our businesses. And it is one of the many words that feel forever sullied from years of over-use and misuse. But I’ve yet to find a word to replace it that sounds good and feels wholesome. The thesaurus fails with even more unsatisfactory words…advertise, promote, sell, merchandise, peddle, hawk. : )

Yet…we must share our work and find those who are wanting it, yes? The loveliest and most true way of speaking of it that I have discovered came in a talk I heard online a few years ago. I am looking in to the sharing of it here, as it isn’t available online anymore, but the heart of it is this…

“Offer your offerings like a flower…here I am, with all my flaws…here is my devotion.

Allow your intention to perfume the space.”

-Sera Beak

Since first hearing this, and especially after re-listening to the whole recording called “Navigating the Spiritual Marketplace with Integrity, Open-Heartedness, and Soul” I’ve carried the picture of a wildflower picked from my hayfield, held in my outstretched hand to the world. But translating Sera’s words and my picture into the reality of getting the word out about what I make has been much more challenging than the recognition I felt when I first heard her speak and her words painted a picture.

Your thoughts, struggles, insights and hopes about this?