It’s funny…how difficult it can be to look within for answers. All week long, as I’ve been trying to pin down what I would write about here, I kept wishing there was a business book to follow, or a set of principles that spoke to me…some sort of framework that someone else has come up with for us to begin with here. That tendency is partially arising from my general malaise with almost everything lately, but it also arises out of…insecurities, a lack of clarity, weariness with having to figure out so much.

But I am beginning to see again (remember is probably a better word) that we wouldn’t have so much to figure out if we would not stray so far and so often from the circle of simplicity. Marian McCain introduced us to this in the book we read last year at Wisteria & Sunshine. The idea is really about how connected the parts of our life are, and how simplicity enters in more fully when we realize that. So…what we do (or don’t do) with our health also affects the earth. What we do or don’t do with our money affects our health and the earth. What we do or don’t do with our care of the earth affects our health and our money, and so on.

Looking through some of what you’ve shared in your profiles as to what you would like some attention to be given to here at Rosehip Business (and what I am continually turning over in my heart)…

  • How to best promote a business in these days of overwhelming social media
  • How to stay motivated when the “thrill” is gone
  • Earth friendly packaging
  • How to encourage customers to embrace quality over quantity
  • Rosehip-style marketing/promotions
  • Workflow with self-care and ‘tending’ as a priority

…it isn’t hard to see that keeping the Green Circle in our sights provides some answers. In the Rosehip Business Instagram page, I wrote this:

Wild Simplicity is considering nature…our own & the earth around us.

It is our own natures that should be one of the guiding forces in the work we put out in the world. To go against our natures in our marketing, our making, our setting of goals and creating of rhythms is to undermine the health (and delight!) of ourselves and our businesses.

What if we more often consider…

Our well-being-physically, mentally and emotionally-and make decisions from there?

How our work and care of the earth weave together?

How our beliefs and practices around money influence everything, and how…

…it is all twined together and ever-spiraling?

I’ll be changing out our banner soon, and wanted to share this (from Instagram again) before I do…

The Shakespeare quote catches much of what I’ve been feeling lately…that women putting their hearts and souls into work will help heal the world…the planet. And don’t be misled by the word Gentle. Even tho’ my own passion has wandered away for awhile (as it does), we can be gentle and passionate and make a difference. That’s why these words caught me…all will be well, or better, if we keep Becoming more and more ourselves and expressing it in our creating…

I believe the world, the earth, our spirits are beckoning us to spend less of our time and energy being distracted and fragmented, and more of our time and energy fashioning our own circles of life and business.

What do you think?

P.S. Deb Dunn’s beautiful closed-eyed, looking within, rooted in the earth women will be companioning us here at Rosehip Business (and perhaps Deb herself : ). I will be looking for ways to bring them in and have them about…to remind us…