Welcome! I wonder if you feel as quietly excited as I do…to have this sheltered space to hold our conversations and wonderings and explorations of what Wild Simplicity means for our work? The post just before this says so much about the spark for Rosehip Business, and what I believe is becoming a more and more common experience…coming through the briars (or beginning to see and feel the thorns) of modern solopreneurship and wanting to find a more pleasant path.

If you have belonged to Wisteria & Sunshine for awhile, you will know that I don’t look far, far ahead and craft detailed plans for posting or my life. I like to look a little way ahead and mostly feel my way forward, paying attention to my surroundings, my body, the moon, my dreams and my current reality (including the world at large). My strengths are not to promise answers or outcomes, but to both provide a place as rich in beauty and comfort and wisdom as I can gather, and share my own journey transparently and honestly.

As women find Rosehip Business, and it evolves as all creations do, my hope is that it will be the quiet, supportive refuge you are seeking in a noisy world. What you find here now are the roots of what I’ve envisioned…we will see what shoots and branches grow here.

Here are the Rhythm and other roots I am picturing for us…

-one new post each week (probably on Fridays, to weave in with my long-established W&S rhythm) with conversation in the comments about that particular topic

– Forums for the conversations that spring from your own hearts and minds

– Business journals (a facet of the forums) for getting your thoughts and hopes and visions down in words

– Resources to inspire and support a Wild Simplicity approach to business, but as they are few and far between, these pages and lists will grow only slowly

-a new quote and banner every month, probably associated with our monthly focus (which will itself be a business/creativity-slanted version of the W&S one)

-group projects as the need/idea for them arrives (these could include seasonal and yearly planning and reflection, book-keeping and other tending, online retreats…)

For the rest of February, we will be getting to know these rooms and gardens…each other…and I will be here to open the door to you, take you on small tours, fix you a warm cup of something, and sit by the fire awhile so that we may get acquainted and share something of why we found our way here and what we would like to it to look and feel like…and what it should hold.

And here are some ways to begin…

  • Make it easy to travel here. You may find your way here most easily by bookmarking our front page //rosehipbusiness.wisteriasunshine.com/  …I find it easier than clicking the tiny pink RB circle in the upper right at W&S, which requires logging in. A lovely shortcut through the fields.


  • Make your profile page your own. Your profile (link in bottom left, under your name) here is different from the one at Wisteria & Sunshine. The questions center upon our businesses and taking care of them. If you have any questions you would like me to add, please let me know. When I thought up the ones there, I imagined what I would most like a sister solopreneur to ask me. Another difference is that you can add a large cover photo. I would like us to imagine these photos as our business altars…so please include objects and images that will draw your attention and give you pleasure and focus. Mine is a photo of the simple altar in my studio.


  • Create a business diary at our Forums (text link in the upper right of the page). In 2003 when my first real business was born, I found the Victoria Business of Bliss forums when I sought the company of kindred spirits. It was public, but so lovely and helpful. It had many incarnations over the years, but at the last when it had been long private and only a handful of us remained, our journals were also really the only important section of the forums that remained. So much can happen there…introspection and pondering…accountability…learning from anothers experience…encouragement…consolation…assistance. *A small note, tho’, which I also attach to comments (or the sometime lack thereof) After many years online tending communities and being a part of them, I have finally learned that not receiving comments or responses does not mean that what you have shared has not been well-received, or in fact, been of great help to someone else. Try to trust that is so…and also to be brave enough to clearly ask for a response if you are really needing one.


  • Introduce yourself. Entirely optional and probably not what you will choose if you are an introvert as I am, but if you would like more space to say hello and tell us about yourself than your profile offers, there is a thread in the Conversation section of our forums awaiting your typing fingers!

 Is that enough to be going on with? Have I forgotten something that you searched for when you first arrived? Do let me know in the comments.

And again…welcome, welcome!